E.M.F. Company Inc.

The Cowboy was king in 1956 and Early and Modern Firearms, Inc. (EMF) was founded to supply the demand for the guns seen in the movies and on television. At that time Colt had stopped production of single action revolvers and declined to resume production.

EMF became a major distributor, and then manufacturer, of the Great Western, the first reproduction of the famous Colt Model 1873 SAA. When the strong dollar made it too costly to produce the Model 1873 in the U.S., EMF turned to Europe as the European gun manufacturers began the replica firearms industry there. During the past 53 years, EMF has traveled the world to bring "The Best In Cowboy Guns" to first, American Cowboys, and then Cowboy Action Shooters. EMF's efforts have culminated in the introduction of the Great Western II, which is an authentic copy of the original 1873 Colt.

In 2008, EMF introduced new versions of the Great Western II single action revolver, manufactured in Italy by F.LLI Pietta.

1873 Great Western II "Californian"

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 1873 Californian Standard Model

 1873 Californian Express Model

 1873 Californian Delux Model
The Californian Standard Model comes in 4 3/4, 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 inch barrel lengths and case hardened frame with walnut grips. It is available in .357, 44/40 and .45LC calibers.

The Californian Express Model features a "bird's head" walnut grip, case hardened frame and comes in a 4 3/4 inch barrel length only. It is available in .357 and .45LC calibers.

The Californian Delux Model is available in your choice of Ultra Ivory grips (shown) or Checkered Walnut grips. It comes in a 4 3/4 inch barrel barrel length, standard case hardened frame and .357 or .45LC calibers.

EMF's 1873 Great Western II "Californian" is manufactured by F.LLI PIETTA in Italy. These guns feature hammer forged steel barrels and frames that are drop forged and then CNC machined. Additionally, they have wider rear and larger front sights for faster sight acquisition. Just like the original Colts, these revolvers have a floating firing pin in the hammer and casehardened frames. This combination of traditional aesthetics with the best modern technology makes the Great Western II the most sought after, durable and reliable single action revolver on the market.

Great Western II "Alchimista"

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1873 Great Western II "Alchimista"

The "Alchimista" was voted as the 2008 SASS Product of the Year.

It comes in 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 inch barrel lengths and case hardened frame with checkered walnut grips. It is available in .357, 44/40 and .45LC calibers.

Alessandro Pietta, SASS Life #41531 took a page out of history books and reintroduced the 1873, paired with the 1860 Army grip frame. He added a competition trigger that is wider and set back, allowing for a larger finger in the trigger guard. When you first pick up the "Alchimista", your initial reaction is, "WOW! What a nice feel!"

The 1860 grip is longer and slimmer than the traditional 1873 Single Action Army grip. While not quite the 90 degree angle of the Bisley model Colts, it points better and more naturally than the revolvers with the standard 1873 grip. The "Alchimista" with the 1860 grip would be a great addition to your Cowboy Action Battery.

SASS 1873 Short Rifle

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SASS 1873 Short Rifle

The SASS 1873 Short Rifle comes with a 20" Octaganal barrel.

It is available in .357, 44/40 and .45LC calibers.

The SASS 1873 Short Rifle features an all steel frame as well as an improved design. The Model 1873 was well received and sold well until production ceased in 1924. It is known as one of the guns that "Won the West" and is possibly the most famous repeating rifle.

This fine reproduction of the original is made available through Country Classics by the craftsman of A. Uberti. including the SASS emblem engraved on both side plates. Combine this rifle with the competition upgrade for a winning addition to your gun cart..

With each purchase of this rifle, $10.00 is donated to the SASS Museum.

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